How To Use a Curling Iron for Beginners

Styling your hair, while it may be something you feel necessary to do every morning, can be difficult sometimes, and there are so many different tools and techniques out there for you to try. As a beginner, it can be daunting. However, at the same time, it’s good to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new sometimes and trying out a curling iron may be the perfect thing for you. Whether it’s for a special occasion or you just fancy a change in your everyday hairstyle, here’s a guide to curling your hair for beginners.


Step 1: Preparing the hair

Before you jump into the curling process itself, you should start by preparing the hair, and there’s a few steps you can take to ensure the best possible results once you’re finished. The first thing you should do is brush or comb your hair, and make sure that you have tamed any tangles or matting in the hair. This way, it’ll be much easier to separate your hair into sections, and the curls will turn out much smoother.


Step 2: Sectioning the hair

Next, another step you should take before getting the actual curling iron out is to split your strands into sections, and you can be methodical and logical about this to create a flattering finish. The best way to section your hair is to create one section across the front, one small section across the back, and then split the middle section of hair into halves. Once you get onto the actual curling, the sections you take will be much smaller than this, but the four sections you make here will guide you as to which way to curl your hair, which we’re about to find out.


Step 3: Curling the hair

At last, you can start to curl the hair, and this is where the technique becomes a little more technical. There are three main different curling methods you can use, which vary depending on the type of curling iron you’re using, and here’s how to do each of them:


Using a straightener styler:

If you’re using a straightener which doubles up as a curling iron, you’ll want to start by placing your hair in the straightener as you would if you were to straighten it. As you pull the iron through your hair, gently make a twist using your hand, so the hair wraps all the way around one side of the iron and sticks back out at the bottom.


Using a curling tong:

Curling tongs, or irons with clips, are a great tool if you’re worried about burning your fingers, and they offer a slightly safer experience in this area. All you need to do is clip down the end of the strand, and then close it before wrapping the hair all around the curling tong by twisting your hand around. The more you twist, the higher up your hair the curl will start.


Using a wand:

Lastly, curling wands are very simple to use, and all you need to do is hold the wand out before wrapping the hair around the wand and holding it for a few seconds. You’ll have to experiment with this amount of time, and gradually increase it until you find one that works for your hair, as it’s different for everyone.


When you curl your hair, you should start with the back section, then curl each side and finish with the front section. At the sides, it usually looks best if you curl the hair away from your face, as this creates a flattering frame.


Now that you know how to curl your hair, you can feel confident getting ready for the day or event ahead of you. Just remember, it’s important that your hair is protected when using heat, and José Eber tools are made from special negative-ion technology to prevent damage. And practice makes perfect, so don’t feel upset or disappointed if you’re not incredibly pleased with your first attempt – it will get better! In the meantime, check out some of the great curling tools from José Eber Hair Styling Tools to get you started.