How do you use a clipless curling iron?

Using the clipless curling iron is easy, but it may take a few attempts to conquer.  We recommend that you always use the heat resistant glove especially when beginning.  In order to use the clipless curling iron start from root to tip by wrapping a 1” strand of hair from the bottom of the barrel to the tip and hold for approximately 5 seconds, then pull downward to release the hair.

Why go clipless for curling irons?

The clipless curling iron is designed without a clip to be healthier for the hair. Because you curl from root to tip, you eliminate damage at the ends of your hair where it is most fragile. An additional benefit is that the clipless barrel eliminates ugly, crimped ends that are traditionally caused by a clip.

Will the plates on my straightening iron wear out?

They should last you for as long as you use the iron. However ceramic plates are sensitive and can break easily, so take extra care to prevent damage to the iron. 

What is the difference between ceramic and tourmaline?

Ceramic guarantees smooth straightening motion without pulling or breakage of hair. There will be no damage to hair cuticle or cortex. Ceramic plates lock in color preventing early hair fading. 

Tourmaline-infused plates produce negative ions that smooth and de-frizz your hair and also create infrared heat that goes directly in your hair for style, with no damage.

I’ve plugged in the iron and it’s not getting hot.

There is an on/off switch on the iron in addition to the plug. Make sure the switch is in the”ON” position and the switch is lit. If you are not getting power to the iron, try another wall socket and make sure you are getting power to where you are plugging it in. If it does still not work, we recommend you take it back to your place of purchase for an exchange.

What kind of power plug do the products come in? Can I use the product overseas?

All the products sold by José Eber Singapore come with the 3-pin power plug that fits local power sockets.

You may use your product overseas with a suitable power adaptor. However, please keep in mind that the heating time of your styling iron may vary depending on the voltage of the power supply.

Do I get a lifetime warranty on my iron?

Yes, all José Eber hair tools include a limited lifetime warranty. As with any item, nothing is indestructible. You must take care of your hair tools to ensure the longest life possible. If through normal usage, the iron ever stops working, we will replace it and you only need to pay shipping and handling costs. However, we will not replace  an item that has broken due to user error, such as dropping the unit. 

We offer a limited lifetime warranty to irons that were purchased from  authorized sellers.  You must show proof that the José Eber hair tool was purchased from an authorized seller.

Read more about our warranty here.

I purchased a product at a physical store years ago and I lost the receipt, what can I do to get my product replaced under warranty?

The warranty does state a receipt is needed for all purchases. We do understand that life happens and a receipt might get lost with time. Did you happen to register your purchase for warranty? Have you checked your email for a soft-copy of the receipt? Might you have a bank statement to show proof of purchase?

If you do not have any proof of purchase we cannot honor the warranty. It is our policy and as stated on the warranty card, a receipt is needed for replacement.